Rob Lowe Starts A Game Of Mad Libs When Asked About Partying With Charlie Sheen

Rob Lowe is always a reliably entertaining talk-show guest, especially when he retells stories of his partying exploits back in the 1980s. As a guest on Tuesday’s episode of Highly Questionable on ESPN, Lowe talks about the sports that he likes to take part in now that he’s sober and no longer drinks. He won’t jump out of a plane, but he’ll climb Mount Kilimanjaro — a detail that will soon become relevant.

Lowe is asked to recall partying with Charlie Sheen at the Playboy mansion. In order to avoid offending anyone, the Grinder star turns the whole thing into a crazy game of Mad Libs.

“I’m gonna give you the characters, some of the setting, but you’re gonna have to fill in the story,” Lowe tells the hosts. Then he lists: “Charlie Sheen, Playboy mansion, mid-1980s, Ola Ray from the Michael Jackson –.”

At this, co-host Bomani Jones — previously looking so bored during this interview — sits up and exclaims, “Ola Ray?!” There’s then a brief interlude where everyone continues to freak out over this random appearance.

Eventually, Lowe continues:

Ola Ray’s fiance. Someone’s missing. A couple has disappeared. Hugh Hefner’s grotto. Someone gets busted. Someone retreats to their apartment where they have a lot of ammunition, in case they need it. That’s all I’m saying — oh yeah, and Jim Brown.

Really makes you think, doesn’t it? The other host, Dan Le Batard, gamely guesses that Lowe and company climbed “Mount Coco-manjaro.” The hosts then stare off into the distance, mentally imagining what all those people at the Playboy mansion got up to that night in the mid-80s.