Rob Lowe Is Literally Astounding When Asked To Name His Various TV And Movie Characters

You don’t need to visit his IMDb page to know that Rob Lowe has had a very long and prolific TV and film career. After playing dozens upon dozens of characters throughout the years, one might think that Lowe would forget about some of the roles he’s played, because — hell, most of us can’t remember what we ate for lunch last week.

But Rob Lowe is different from most people. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, the star of The Grinder played a little game of “Name That Me!” The objective is that Jimmy Kimmel would show a picture of Lowe from one of his previous roles and he would have to name that character. And with precious few exceptions (such as “Decapitated Henchman’s Friend” in Austin Powers), Lowe was able to name almost all of the examples he was given — from Tommy Boy to The Outsiders.

If there’s any insight we can all gain from this exercise, it’s that clean living must do wonders for a person’s memory.