Rob Lowe Talked About Stealing Girlfriends From Duran Duran At The ‘Moonbeam City’ Comic-Con Panel

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Comic-Con International 2015 - Comedy Central's "Moonbeam City" Press Room

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Rob Lowe and Will Forte were at Comic-Con last night to discuss their new Comedy Central animated series premiering this fall, Moonbeam City. We haven’t really discussed Moonbeam City on this site yet, but the series, which is described by Deadline as looking like “a PG-13 version of ’80s show Jem,” stars Lowe as a detective named Dazzle Novak living in a futuristic “sexually charged” ’80s metropolis. In other words, it already sounds like a solid hit with the Uproxx staff and readership.

The series apparently has a lot of sex scenes, which can only be assumed from an animated series taking place in a sexually charged metropolis, which was awkward for Lowe because this is his first time doing voice-over work. He said during the panel:

“These things are really humiliating. I’m used to being on camera. With this, you’re in a dark booth. It’s like — don’t watch me do this.” The actor explained how he attached himself to the project because “it was my first time doing animated voice-over, and it was a project with a point of view from the writers. It was the chance to try something new.”

Hey, speaking of Rob Lowe having sex, he later dropped this truth bomb:

One remark during the panel was how the animation in Moonbeam City was similar to the cover art of the 1982 Duran Duran album Rio. When asked his thoughts about that reference, Lowe quipped: “I might have stolen a girlfriend or two from them. Not to rub their nose in it — cough, cough — John Taylor!”

Clad in a bushy beard from The Last Man On Earth, Will Forte, who voices Dazzle’s rival Rad Cunningham, yelled out which band he stole women from: “ZZ Top — every single one of their wives! I f*cked ’em!”

Two things to take away here: First, I just want to note that Will Forte playing a character named “Rad Cunningham” who’s a rival to a character named Dazzle is probably what his entire career has been leading up to. Second, let’s not forget that Lowe — who is still a very, very handsome man — used to look like this in the ’80s:

Rob Lowe

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Poor John Taylor never stood a chance. Moonbeam City premieres Sept. 16 on Comedy Central at 10:30 p.m.

(Via Deadline)

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