Rob Schneider Is Now Claiming That State Farm Has Taken Away His Freedom Of Speech

We covered how Rob Schneider got canned from State Farm and their awesome commercials for his anti-vaccination stance. Since no one can go quietly and without some sort of comment, Schneider has struck back by channeling George Washington on Twitter to claim his removal is a free speech issue:

Now you can take from that what you want, but the idea that State Farm removing Schneider from their commercials is a free speech issue is bonkers. He’s still allowed to hold his views, speak on the topic, and believe what he wants. State Farm wanted nothing to do with him and decided to part ways, they’re allowed to do that without being painted as evil.

I won’t even go and knock Rob Schneider for believing in something that I essentially see doing more harm than good for people. He can believe what he wants, I’m just not going to go out and say this his firing is an effort to block his voice from being heard. If anything, it did more to help his cause because he can now rally people like this:

It’s never going to end, is it? We’re stuck with these sort of debates until the Internet finally just dies.

(Via Twitter)