HBO’s Bernie Madoff Film With Robert De Niro Is Finally Getting Off The Ground

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Getty Image / Andrew H. Walker

HBO has been trying to get their Bernie Madoff biopic off the ground since 2011, and now it seems like the stars have finally aligned. Wizard of Lies, based on the book of the same name, is a deep look into Madoff’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme that landed him in prison for 150 years. HBO acquired the rights to the book almost five years ago. Since then, at least three writers have taken a stab at bringing the money-grubbing financier to the small screen with no success, until now.

Robert De Niro is set to star as Madoff with Michelle Pfeiffer playing his wife, Ruth. Alessandro Nivola will play Bernie’s eldest son, Mark Madoff, who committed suicide in the wake of the financial scandal. Barry Levinson, who previously directed HBO’s You Don’t Know Jack about controversial physician and end-of-life advocate Jack Kevorkian, will direct the film. There’s no exact date set for when HBO will air the film, but it could be expected next year now that the production is finally in motion.

(Via Deadline)