Robert Pattinson And Jon Stewart Ate Ice Cream, Talked About Stuff

08.14.12 24 Comments

Robert Pattinson made his much-hyped appearance on The Daily Show last night, his first in public since the whole thingybopper went down with his girlfriend cheating on him with an old guy, and a few things became clear pretty quickly. First of all, more celebrities should consider using The Daily Show for their first post-scandal appearance. As tough as Stewart can be on politicians and weasels like Jim Cramer, he does a great job of cutting through a lot of the publicity b.s. when it comes to actors and actresses, as evidenced by his decision to share ice cream with Pattinson and be a total goof instead of treating the whole thing like Watergate or something like the haircuts on the Access Hollywood have been. It came across as a nice, soft landing for a dude who really deserves one at this point.

Second, I really, REALLY do not want to have my movie star girlfriend cheat on me in public with the director of one of her movies, or anyone for that matter. I try very hard not to go out of my way to vilify 20-years-old for being dumb and impulsive, because that’s what 20-year-olds do, but I will say that none of this seems very fun for anyone involved, and I would not like any of it to happen to me. I just want to get that on the record.

And, finally, ice cream is delicious and I’m happy that Stewart and Pattinson are trying to make it okay for dudes going through romantic troubles to heal them by digging into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, because I am tired of romantic comedies pretending like that’s a thing only ladies can do. It’s 2012, people.

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