A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character Got ‘Unnecessary Hot,’ And No One’s Sure How To Feel About This

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Robin Arryn was only in nine episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones (it’s already weird talking about this show in the past tense), but he made each of his appearances count. It’s hard to have a more memorable debut than the one “Sweetrobin” made in season one’s “The Wolf and the Lion” when he’s seen drinking milk from his mother’s breast. He was eight years old at the time. Robin was also the recipient of a Sansa slap, learned to fight with a sword (poorly), and got really excited that one time when he saw a falcon. Basically, he was a whiny, good-for-nothing brat, which is why Game of Thrones viewers were so shocked to see him in the series finale. Folks, I have news: Robin is hot now.

It’s called “Longbottoming” (not what it sounds like), the “sometimes slow, sometimes overnight, always surprising transformation of someone, usually a man, from decidedly unattractive to hot as hell a la Matthew Lewis, the actor who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter film series.” Lino Facioli, the actor who plays the Lord of the Vale, isn’t as ripped as Neville, but he’s gone through a Jonas Brothers-level metamorphosis, also referred to as a “glow-up,” since the last time we saw him in season six. This left people feeling a different kind of conflicted than who the new Ruler of the Six Kingdoms is.

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