Watch Robin Thicke And James Corden Deliver Their Cheesiest Pickup Lines

As cuffing season approaches, there will be ample opportunities for folks to utilize those cheezy pickup lines. Because of this, James Corden tapped Robin Thicke for “Laying It on Thick with Robin Thicke.” Despite his claims otherwise, I have a suspicion that Thicke is pretty good at the pick up lines.

The sketch starts off with Corden and Thicke wooing an audience member with such lines as “Do you know what this jacket is made out of? Boyfriend material.” and “Is your name Because you’re everything I’ve been searching for,” but things quickly escalated to costumes and prop comedy. In the end, neither get what they want, but I can only imagine it’s because they haven’t tried any of the following:

  • You are finer than the print on a contract.
  • Are you a 3D stereogram? Because I can’t help staring at you.
  • Does your family collect coins? I see some dime in you.
  • I’m just a hitchhiker, hoping you can give me a ride tonight.

That last one has resulted in physical contact; I’m still a bit sore from that slap to the face.

(Via The Late Late Show with James Corden)