More Yachts, More Sunglasses, More Rock: HBO Has Renewed ‘Ballers’ For A Second Season

Ballers, quite possibly the world’s greatest television show about The Rock wearing expensive suits in Miami, has been renewed for a second season. HBO president Michael Lombardo announced the move in a press release a short time ago.

“The charismatic and hugely talented Dwayne Johnson, along with the rest of the Ballers cast, has truly struck a chord with the HBO audience. We are thrilled with the overwhelming response the series has received and look forward to another exciting season.”

With any luck, this commitment to the show will mean an increase in the yacht budget. Sure, over 50 percent of the third episode took place on a yacht, and it appears the yacht-based plot will carry over into the fourth, but there’s always room for more yachts. And bigger yachts. More and bigger yachts. Maybe the entire second season can take place at sea. During a yacht parade. People love yachts.

(Via Splitsider)