Enjoy An Early Listen Of What’s To Come From Fox’s ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show Spectacular’

Having a grumble about Fox redoing Rocky Horror Picture Show? Considering the warm feelings the original musical and film have generated, we understand being a touch defensive about newfangled whippersnappers getting their hands on the property and fishnet reserves. Still, offerings like The Wiz Live! and Grease: Live have shown us that not every network musical special has to be a schadenfreude orgy.

The latest item to arrive with the October 21 broadcast looming is the first full song we’ve been treated to from the upcoming production. Victoria Justice (the actress/singer with a name like a Lifetime private investigator dramedy) steps into the role of Janet for the horndog anthem “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me.” The Nickelodeon grad leans into the lusty number, although we have to admit that we’re curious how the visuals will add bonus razzle dazzle. Here’s a sliver of that side of things.

Even for one-off TV funzos, there’s a fair bit of pressure on Justice. After all, Susan Sarandon is glued into the public’s brains as Janet and no one would disagree if she was cast in the 2016 version too. Anyhoobastank, Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show extravaganza is set to arrive on October 21 boasting a roster that includes Justice, Laverne Cox, Adam Lambert, Christina Milian, and Tim Curry.