Hulu’s ‘Rodham’ Will Explore An Alternate America Where Hillary Clinton Never Made A Fateful Decision

Does the H in Hulu stand for Hillary Clinton? Because the streaming service can’t seem to get enough of the former Secretary of State.

Earlier in the year, Hulu aired Hillary, a documentary that focused on Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign in the lead up to its shocking defeated by Donald Trump, and now the polarizing politician is getting her own fictional series. Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, Rodham, will explore an America where Hillary makes a very different decision that dramatically affects her life, career, and the nation as a whole. That decision? Not marrying Bill Clinton.

Here’s the official description via Deadline:

Rodham imagines an alternative history where Hillary Rodham never marries Bill Clinton and asks what would have happened to her life and our country, if she had made a different choice. A modern parable about choices, feminism and why this country has such a complicated relationship to women in power… Rodham tells the story of an ambitious young woman, developing her extraordinary mind in the latter part of the 20th century, moving from idealism to cynicism and all the way back again.

When you hear the words “alternative history series about Hillary Clinton,” it’s hard not to imagine a show that simply undoes her historic loss to Trump. So the narrative hook that Clinton’s life would’ve drastically changed had she not tied to her political fate to Bill should hopefully ease concerns about re-litigating the 2016 election.

As for the book itself, which has only been on bookshelves since May, Rodham received a positive review from NPR‘s Annalisa Quinn who called it a “nauseating, moving, morally suggestive, technically brilliant book that made me think more than any other in recent memory about the aims and limits of fiction.”

(Via Deadline)