Who Should Play Roger Ailes In The Upcoming Miniseries About Him? A Few Suggestions!

10.21.16 13 Comments

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The fall of Roger Ailes is coming to television. The New York Times recently broke the story that the reign and subsequent ouster of the once-mighty Fox News boss will soon become the subject of a television miniseries produced by some of the people behind Spotlight and The Purge, and based on the reporting of Gabriel Sherman, who wrote both the book-length biography of Ailes and the series of articles that brought him down amid a wave of sexual harassment allegations.

While the news about the series raised, well, a lot of questions (What network will get it? Will Ailes and his attorneys take steps to squash or at least sterilize it? How many real-life Fox News staffers will be depicted in the series, and in what kind of situations?), the most important preliminary one is who will land the role of Ailes, the secretive, domineering, and allegedly predatory figure at the heart of it.

Luckily, we have a few suggestions. Some of them are even good!

John Goodman


John Goodman feels like the obvious person to start with. His size and deep voice create a commanding on-screen presence, which would work well for the hyper-secretive and power-hungry Ailes. It’s strange. Goodman appears to be such a nice, pleasant man whenever you see him out of character, but he can carry himself with such authority and/or menace when he wants. Think, like, Walter in The Big Lebowski, or his character from The West Wing.

It’s a good fit, sure, but I think we can do better.

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