Gareth Edwards Admits He Stole A Key Item From The ‘Rogue One’ Set On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Friday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live was devoted to the cast of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and pretty much all things Star Wars, including a few jabs at fans. We’ve seen this plenty of times with Kimmel in the past, inviting the cast of Civil War on the show over the course of two nights and using a night with The Monuments Men cast to make fun of Matt Damon.

Given the connection with ABC and Disney, the devotion to Star Wars gets the access it deserves and allows KImmel to have a bit of fun with the property. He gets to bring out real Stormtroopers to protect the set and he gets to make fun of Star Wars fans with the real characters and toys, not just some sort of knockoff parody you might see on late night TV. Likely a double-edged sword, though, since you can’t really make fun of too much. The fans do get it pretty brutal in the small opening skit, so they’re fair game.

Once the cast enters, that’s when the real Disney sanctioned fun starts. Kimmel drops the standard questions about being in a Star Wars film, how the cast felt about seeing the movie for the first time, and where they got to see it — not in George Lucas’ bedroom, sadly — but the real fun is how Riz Ahmed and Alan Tudyk describe the oddities on the set, particularly with the people in masks. I can imagine the difficulty of being a stormtrooper attempting to drink coffee, but I don’t want to know how it’d be in costume as a Mon Calimari. Stuffing hoses into suits doesn’t seem like the best time.

Kimmel then goes down the line, learning about each of the characters and how they were brought to life via filming. Tudyk likely had it the worst as best droid in the galaxy K-2SO because it was forced to walk on stilts and wear some very revealing tights that thrust his junk right into the other cast member’s faced. Still not as bad as Anthony Daniels having to wear that C-3PO costume in the desert, but it is likely more embarassing.

Donnie Yen also talks a bit about how much the role means to him and his first line in the film. He’s finally a cool dad and the line he gets to say can’t hurt too much. I’m still just excited to see him ruin a bunch of stormtroopers with martial arts.

And finally, everyone on the set was a thief of some sort. Alan Tudyk kept it simple and stole one of Diego Luna’s little bullets from his belt, whie the rest stayed quiet about what they stole. I’d definitely steal my wardrobe if I worked on a movie, any movie. Just walk home with it, never come back.

Gareth Edwards was the biggest thief of all because he literally stole the Death Star plans from the set and apparently hid them at his mother’s house. Luke Skywalker did the same thing with those droids in the original movie and you see how that played out. Disney is probably a bit more strict than the Empire would be, so this doesn’t bode well for mum.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)