Ron Howard Had A Few Criticisms Of Tom Hanks’ Impression Of Him On ‘SNL’

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10.26.16 3 Comments

You might’ve missed it between all the David S. Pumpkins talk and the Black Jeopardy praise, but Tom Hanks also tossed out an impression of his longtime director friend Ron Howard in this past week’s episode of Saturday Night Live. It came in the second of SNL’s America’s Funniest Pets sketches — the first being part of Adam Driver’s episode — and it found Howard offering a pretty extreme take on the Andy Griffith actor-turned-director. It’s quite possibly the worst impression in history and we get the pleasure of seeing what the man himself thinks about it on Conan.

Howard says that Hanks has done this impression before and adds in that it isn’t very good. He gets the hat and jacket down, but he doesn’t come nearly as close to matching his voice. He does hit the hands pretty well, though, and it shows if you watch him speak during the interview.

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