Ron Swanson Has Been Found Depicted As A Marble Statue In Philadelphia, Of All Places

Someone on Reddit posted this photo of a statue they found in Philadelphia’s Walnut Street Theater that looks exactly like Ron Swanson. The Walnut Street theater is the oldest in America and, while I’ve never actually been there because I’m not so much into stage performances of Mary Poppins and Elf, my parents go all the time. A little bit of digging turns up that the statue is not actually of Ron Swanson, but legendary Philadelphia actor Edwin Forrest. Either way, this is some uncanny sh*t right here. It would not surprise me at all to find out that Edwin Forrest had an affinity for bacon, brown liquors and slutty librarians.

To hell with the Rocky statue — I’ve jogged past it hundreds of times and it’s really not all that impressive. From now on, Marble Ron Swanson should be THE premiere statue destination of Philadelphia tourists.