Watch As A Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson fancies himself a man’s man, but he respects (and occasionally fears) women. “I don’t consider myself an anything-ist, but my life has been shaped by powerful women,” the staunch libertarian once said. “My father once told my mother woman was made from the rib of Adam and my mom broke his jaw.” The mustache-sporting, whiskey-drinking hunter — who wrote the entirety of the Pawnee Rangers’ handbook: “Be a man” — was even named Women of the Year in a season two Parks and Recreation episode.

So, Ron probably wouldn’t be weirded out by this at all.

Makeup artist Katelyn Galloway — seen above breastfeeding her child — turned herself into the King, er, Queen of Bacon and Eggs. “I don’t have a lot of words to preface this video,” she said. “But I will say this. The list of my favorite things that I have ever made goes as follows: 1) My child, 2) This.” She’s as delighted by her transformation as Andy is by Leslie and Ron’s saxophone fart, with good reason: Galloway did a really good job. “Mom” Swanson didn’t half-ass two things; she whole-assed one.

The only thing missing is a jaunty hat:

Maybe next time.

(Via Instagram)