Ron Swanson Is Officially The Best Thing Going On NBC Now

Earlier this morning, we saw NBC’s attempt to excite us about Community’s move from Thursday to Friday, and while that attempt was lame, at least NBC was promoting Community. During the Olympics, no less. The promos for Parks and Recreation — which remains on Thursday night — are far better. For one, they are Olympic-themed for the Olympic audience. Better still, it’s not reused footage. Best of all, both promos center on Ron Swanson. Amy Poehler may get most of the awards recognition on the show, but clearly Ron Swanson is the show’s biggest selling point.

NBC has ditched Dan Harmon, 30 Rock is on its last legs, The Office is cooked, and the new slate of sitcoms — I’ve seen them all — are mediocre at best (Go On) and downright dreadful at worst (Guys with Kids). Parks and Recreation is the biggest reason to watch NBC now, and Ron Swanson is the best reason to watch Parks and Rec.

Here’s Swanson breaking the world record for eating bangers and mash.

Now, here’s Ron “wrestling” with Tom Haverford in the other promo.

Just a brief update on the show to bring you up to speed before the next season of Parks and Recreation debuts next month: As you recall, last season saw Leslie Knope win the city council election. That position will probably take up some time on the show, but she will remain in her position within the Parks and Rec department.

More significantly, her campaign manager and boyfriend, Ben (Adam Scott) got national attention for the way he ran Knope’s campaign and will be relocating to Washington D.C. this season to work on a Senate campaign. That will encompass five episodes of Parks and Rec, and at least one of them will see much of the Parks team visiting D.C. There, they’ll gladhand with several well-known politicians.

Via Huffington Post, here are also five images of next season’s Parks and Recreation from Washington, D.C., including photographs of the gang glad-handing with John McCain, Barbara Boxer, and Olympia Snowe.

Finally, check this out, from Rob Lowe’s twitter account.