Ronda Rousey And Selena Gomez Discover The Only Weakness For Girl Power Ahead Of ‘SNL’

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Athletes and SNL have an odd track record, with some taking the opportunity to its limits and others failing to find a chuckle. So Ronda Rousey will have quite a hill to climb when she hosts the show this Saturday, but she has plenty of company to help her out. Selena Gomez is the musical guest and along with the ladies of 30 Rock, they’re all channeling a little girl power.

There’s only one slight problem. A weakness. The power of and allure of boys. Yeah, we might be hairy cavemen with fountains of disappointment, but we still have some power. Not much, but some. Also note how Cecily calls her father. Very funny.

The second promo shows Cecily trying to show just how identical she is to Selena Gomez. Gomez is finally moving out of her child doll phase, so that’s good and all. But she’s still pretty short and that adds to the comedy. You also have to admire Gomez’s attitude. Where Taylor Swift seems like a bubbly cheerleader who is “friends” with everybody, Selena Gomez is the lady who is sneaking cigarettes behind the gym and meshing worlds together.

Justin Bieber would likely be the boy who charms them all by making fart noises with his hands at lunch.

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