The Cast Of ‘SNL’ Learns The Hard Way That You Should Never Pick A Fight With Ronda Rousey

If you thought that Ronda Rousey’s fighting skills weren’t going to come into play at some point on Saturday Night Live, you were mistaken. She might’ve lost her last fight, but that doesn’t automatically mean it is smart to pick a fight with the UFC star. Something that Vanessa Bayer learns a little too late to save her face in this sketch.

Rousey plays the new girl, a bit of an outsider who ends up being the butt of a prank by the cool kids at school. This includes Bayer during her best Regina George impressions and Beck Bennett playing the dim-witted jock who lured Rousey into the prank. What nobody expects is that Rousey’s character isn’t up for any pranks and she decides that some immediate revenge is in order. So a few punches and a kick to the head later earn Bayer a spot on the ground — followed by Bennett getting punched in the face after he tries to hook up at the end.

What isn’t clear is why this is a good prank? Who doesn’t know they are eating dog food before they eat dog food? I mean, sure, you’re sitting down to eat some soup and all, you expect soup in the bowl. But you usually at least look down to see what the soup looks like. If it’s got chunks of dog food in it, you might not eat it…unless you enjoy dog food.

It’s easy to believe that Rousey came there seeking a free meal and always planned to beat the crap out of anybody who showed up. Or she knew the prank was happening and just likes dog food and beating ass. Who knows?

(Via SNL)

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