Rooster McConaughey’s Cowboy Version Of ‘Shark Tank’ Finally Has A Trailer

Quick recap: Matthew McConaughey has a brother named Rooster. Rooster McConaughey is a multi-millionaire piping entrepreneur with children named Miller Lyte and Margarita. CNBC gave Rooster a reality show called West Texas Investors Club, which they describe as, not joking, “Shark Tank for real America,” and which will feature him and his entrepreneur buddies, Butch and Gil, inviting “ambitious entrepreneurs from across the country to come down to West Texas and make their case as Rooster and Butch believe in investing in people first, businesses second.” Just incredible from top to bottom.

And now it went and got better, because West Texas Investors Club has a trailer, narrated by Rooster’s buddy, Oscar-winning actor Robert Duvall. Some highlights:

  • Rooster is introduced as “The Gunslinger.”
  • Rooster says if he put his bottom line up against Donald Trump, he “might be ahead of the son of a bitch.”
  • Helicopters.
  • Rooster throws a beer can at a contestant.
  • A woman throws a beer bottle at a fence.
  • Rooster LARPs.
  • More helicopters.
  • Rooster says “We’re gonna have to stop drinking beer during these negotiations.”
  • Rooster fires a gun.
  • Rooster and Butch discuss apps. (“We high-tech sumbitches now.”)

Wait a second. Did that say “Rooster LARPs”?

Well I’ll be damned. It did.