Rory Gilmore Met With Michelle Obama To Talk Books And Be Delightful Together

The Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls will be hitting the streaming service very soon after production wrapped up last month, and apparently Rory Gilmore is busy hanging out in the White House talking to Michelle Obama about one of her favorite topics: books.

The positively adorable video simply captioned, “Just a couple of girls talking about books.” was released on the official Gilmore Girls Twitter account last night. It features Alexis Bledel in all of her Rory Gilmore glory with some “light” reading suggestions for the First Lady during her trip to Morocco, Liberia, and Spain. So what are Rory’s suggestions? Well, you can’t go wrong with Shakespeare, but she “wasn’t sure what mood” Mrs. Obama was in so Rory gave her his entire collection of work. Thinking of the locales the First Lady will be visiting, Rory also recommends, “Moby Dick, Anna Karenina, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire — you know, some classic beach reads.” Besides the books, Rory also gives the First Lady a “gift from her mom” and whips out an entire box of blueberry Pop Tarts. We doubt Mrs. Obama really enjoyed the high fructose corn syrup packed treats since it goes against her stance on children eating healthy food, but at least the thought was there.

Michelle Obama then mentions that her trip is for the Let Girls Learn initiative to educate and empower adolescent girls globally and you can follow her journey this summer on SnapChat at michelleobama. Despite all of Rory’s book suggestions, the First Lady only grabs one, but Rory says that “it’s good to pack light.”

(via EW)

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