Rosamund Pike Practiced ‘That Scene’ From ‘Gone Girl’ On Dora The Explorer

Rosamund Pike is a great actress, and that’s why she’s nominated for an Oscar for her role in David Fincher’s Gone Girl. But as she explained to Jimmy Fallon, even the most dedicated actor can’t always rehearse a scene exactly how it needs to be performed, so a true professional figures out a work-around. In Pike’s case, to block out her infamous scene with Neil Patrick Harris, she employed a body double — in the form of a Dora the Explorer doll, taped to a post in her yard. In view of her neighbors. But not a talking one. That would have been weird!

“¡Hola! Can you find the jugular?… Do you see it?… ¡Ahí está! There it is! ¡Qué lío! What a mess!”

Maybe she and Ben Affleck will bring Diego in for the sequel.