Watch As Rosario Dawson’s Vagina Project From Burning Man Mesmerizes Andy And Conan

Who doesn’t love a little Rosario Dawson? She seems a lot of fun and according to this Conan interview, she likes to express herself at Burning Man quite a bit every year. Dawson claims to have been at least nine times and this past time, she put together an experience that puts people directly into the birthing process:

To recreate the rite of passage that is birth, Rosario built a penis slide and vaginal misting tent. (via)

Much like Conan, I sort of got caught up the first time I heard “vaginal misting tent,” but I came to in time to hear her talk about how the project rewarded people for finding the elusive “G-spot.”

The line, “she’ll tell you just like in real life,” is funny because there are still plenty of people who believe it is a myth. I’d investigate myself, but I’m no longer allowed in the private rooms at the local Jiggle Hut.

Andy of course wins the entire segment with yet another quick comment, evoking Six Flags and their eventual interest in using the project as their newest attraction. Until they do that though, I’ll be on Google looking for a vaginal misting tent of my own and ending up on an FBI watchlist.

(Via Team Coco)