Roseanne Barr And Her Television Kids Adorably Reunited On ‘The Talk’

Yesterday on Roseanne Barr’s 62nd birthday, she appeared on The Talk alongside her Roseanne daughter and The Talk co-host Sara Gilbert (who is expecting a child with wife Linda Perry). After surprising Roseanne with a cake and a birthday message from onscreen sister Laurie Metcalf, the producers then brought out two of her other TV kids, Alicia Goranson (Becky #1) and Michael Fishman (D.J.). Becky #2 don’t get no respect!

It’s never not weird to see D.J. — who is married with children now — as a grown ass man. Michael Fishman should not have been allowed to age past ten years old. I know that’s scientifically impossible and probably unfair to keep a 33-year-old man trapped in a little boy’s body, but still, totally worth it.

Anyway, here’s the full clip, which includes a delightfully “Roseanne Barr” story about how Becky ended up with her short haircut around season three: