Roseanne Barr Claims That George Clooney Hung A Picture Of His Dick On The ‘Roseanne’ Set Refrigerator

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08.06.14 5 Comments

Most people forget that one of George Clooney’s first television roles prior to ER — which everyone knows rocketed the actor to A-List stardom — was playing Booker Brooks on Roseanne, the foreman at the plant where Roseanne and Jackie worked who briefly dated Jackie. So even though Clooney’s appearance on Roseanne was limited to just the first season, one of the rumors that has always stuck from his time on the series was that he apparently had taken a photo of his dick, which he then hung from the Connor family set refrigerator.

A George Clooney biography from a few years back claims:

Even when he quit Roseanne after the first season, the jokester was rumored to have left the cast and crew with a naughty little memento to keep them laughing in his absence: a photo, snapped by John Goodman, who played Roseanne’s husband on the show, of Clooney’s genitals, “disguised” by a pair of Groucho Marx glasses. The actor has denied that such a raunchy pic exists, though he admits that “The Face,” as he calls the Groucho glasses-over-the-genitals bit, is one of his favorite gags. Roseanne herself, meanwhile, has confirmed that the polaroid hung on the set refrigerator for years before mysteriously disappearing one day.

So yesterday Roseanne Barr appeared on The Talk alongside former television daughter Sara Gilbert, and was asked to confirm the rumors, which of course she was more than happy to do:

If George Clooney did take a picture of his wang wearing a pair of glasses and hung it on the set refrigerator, I feel like that’s a pretty good prank so I don’t know why he would want to deny it. So even though Roseanne is a known crazy person, I kind of believe her side of the story. I think I really just want to believe that George Clooney refers to his penis as “Groucho” and that somewhere, out there, someone is in possession of a Polaroid of George Clooney’s penis wearing glasses. Talk about uncovering treasure. Can you even imagine how much a photo of George Clooney’s penis would be worth in 2014? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? One million plus?

Of course, they’d have to authenticate it, so I don’t know if there are any identifying birthmarks or left/right bias. But I’m sure there’s enough Stacy Keiblers of the world who could probably lend a hand (PUN DEFINITELY INTENDED).

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