Roseanne Says She Has A New Show Already In The Works, Still Hasn’t Apologized To Valerie Jarrett

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Not long after posting a racist tweet comparing Barack Obama’s senior advisor and businesswoman Valerie Jarrett to a monkey, Roseanne Barr had her sitcom revival abruptly canceled. And, Hollywood being what it is, Barr decided that she needed to start planning her comeback. Apparently, those plans are still in full swing, despite the fact Barr hasn’t apologized to Jarrett.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Barr is claiming that she’s had offers since the scandal unfolded roughly a month ago:

Speaking on Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s podcast, her second appearance on the program, Barr spends much of the interview talking about the Torah and her Jewish faith, but she also intimated a possible route back to television. “I’ve already been offered so many things and I almost already accepted one really good offer to go back on TV and I might do it. But we’ll see,” she said.

Barr also noted that she’s “praying for the right words” to apologize to Jarrett. Her return to television may also be somewhat complicated by the many conspiracy theories Barr has advocated for over the years on her Twitter feed, specifically “birtherism,” the repeatedly disproven belief that Barack Obama is not a United States citizen. Barr outspokenly believes, among other things, in 9/11 conspiracy theories, that the Pope is secretly the richest man in the world, and that most of Hollywood is against Donald Trump because of CIA mind control, and she compared Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, who is also a Black woman, to an ape in 2013. In other words, Roseanne’s tweet was not a one-time lapse, and any attempt to make a genuine recovery is going to involve far more than just an apology.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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