Dan Returns From The Dead In The Latest ‘Roseanne’ Revival Promo

The premiere of the Roseanne revival will be here quicker than the regret you feel after eating a Loose Meat Sandwich at the Lunch Box, and ABC has been releasing promos. In “Bulls,” Dan complains that his beloved 1997 and 1998 Chicago Bulls would beat “these guys anytime,” causing Roseanne to respond, “You can’t live in the past, Dan. When things are gone, they’re gone forever.”

Get it? It’s a reference to both Roseanne, which went off the air in 1997 after 200-plus episodes, and the then-finale, “Into That Good Night,” where it’s revealed Dan passed away after having a heart attack following Darlene and David’s wedding. And yet, John Goodman is returning for the revival, not as a ghost but as if the whole, y’know, dying thing never happened. “I wouldn’t say that it is ignoring the events of the finale,” ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey said about Roseanne 2.0, “but I can confirm that Dan is still alive.”

Dan pops up in the other promos, too, one mocking the long-term side effects of concussions among football players and another where he and Darlene regret watching basketball with Roseanne. DJ is presumably stuffed in a dryer somewhere.

Roseanne returns to ABC on March 27.

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