The ‘Roseanne’ Revival Premiere Smashed Another TV Ratings Record


Despite the world’s, let’s say, conflicted feelings for the real Roseanne (never have your name appear in the same headline as “Trump” and “sex slavery”), her TV persona continues to be beloved. The Roseanne revival’s two-part premiere, “Twenty Years to Life” and “Dress to Impress,” was a massive hit: over 21 million people watched the episodes within 24 hours of their airing.

Roseanne also scored the highest ratings for a comedy episode, of any show, since 2014; bigger numbers than the show’s then-series finale in 1997, when ratings were very different (and much bigger); and “ABC’s best results in the 1-hour time period since November 2006 in viewers and since November 2009 in young adults.” (Via)

The numbers continue to grow, too: according to Entertainment Weekly, “last Tuesday’s premiere had a stunning 18.9 million [live] viewers. But according to ABC’s latest data, another 6.7 million viewers have watched the premiere since then — that’s the largest total viewer three-day DVR increase for a single telecast on any network ever. Roseanne‘s premiere now stands at an incredible 25.04 million viewers.” That makes Roseanne nearly as popular as Game of Thrones, so you know what has to happen in the recently-announced season 11: the part of David will now be played by a shaggy-haired dragon.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)