Seeing The ‘Roseanne’ Revival Cast Hanging Out On The Couch In 2017 Really Makes This Comeback Feel Real

The classic working class sitcom Roseanne is making a big splashy return on ABC. The network trumpeted the return of the retired series on Tuesday (complete with both Beckys) and in the picture nestled above from ABC’s upfront festivities, there’s something about Roseanne Barr and John Goodman sharing that couch that makes Roseanne entering the Trump years feel real.

Scheduled to arrive in 2018 with the Conner clan navigating the modern cultural climate, ABC has been cheerfully trumpeting the show’s impending return. Also coming along? Many of Roseanne’s original writers and directors. Seeing as ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey billed this new incarnation as a “reboot” during the upfront, the trickier character developments from the later run of the show can be reset without the need for witchcraft or aliens or anything like that. See! That’s how we can explain Dan Conner still kicking around.

Amping up further nostalgia (and advertiser interest) for Roseanne‘s return is an efficient near 4-minute sizzle reel placed on display by the network. Moseying through the history of the show, the promo video hopscotches through some of the show’s funniest moments while putting a blinking red light on the sitcom’s willingness to tackle issues in the process.