Who Is The Shadowy Figure Rosita Saw At The End Of ‘The Walking Dead’?

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03.19.17 10 Comments

We predicted a few weeks ago that Sasha was likely to die in the season finale of The Walking Dead this season, and a few days later, we predicted that Eugene would turn on Sasha and Rosita, warn Negan about Sasha, and ultimately, get her killed.

This week’s episode, “The Other Side,” stayed true to those predictions, as Sasha and Rosita — after unsuccessfully attempting to shoot Negan to death from afar — sneaked into the Negan’s Sanctuary. Their first mission was to rescue Eugene, and as predicted, Eugene had no desire to be saved. He was not, as Rosita suggested earlier in the episode, “playing some angle.” When he said to Negan a few weeks ago, “I’m Negan. I’m utterly, completely stone-cold Negan,” Eugene meant what he said. The respect and appreciation Eugene receives from the Saviors has been too intoxicating for Eugene to ignore. Dr. Eugene Porter has gone to the dark side, and he’s taken his bullsh*t fake personae with him.

Sasha is in the Sanctuary alone now, and the concern is that Eugene will tip Negan off to her presence and get Sasha killed. Meanwhile, Sasha sealed the fence up so that Rosita couldn’t follow her into the Sanctuary, forcing her to turn back. While fleeing from the Saviors, however, Rosita spotted a shadowy figure in her midst.

Is he friend or foe?

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