‘The Walking Dead’ Star Ross Marquand Does Some Amazing Impressions Of Oscar Winners

Ross Marquand may still be missing in The Walking Dead, but in the real, non-zombified world, he’s been in clear view and wowing just about every conscious person in existence with his spot-on celebrity impressions. Lately, he’s been specializing in nano-impressions of celebrities that last only a second or two. In these nano-impressions, he’ll pull off a pitch-perfect Harrison Ford losing a sneeze (a moment we’ve all been robbed of thanks to editing and publicists), or James Gandolfini with something stuck in his teeth. A hair, perhaps.

If you close your eyes, it’s like you’re actually there, hearing Tony Soprano yearn for a toothpick (Marquand played Gandolfini’s voice for Conan once upon a time). I personally think his Kevin Spacey is dead-on, and I get much confusing joy out of hearing it. Now he’s on Kimmel not only as himself (it’s weird hearing his natural voice), but as many celebrities accepting their Oscars.

Watch as Jimmy Kimmel shouts out names at random while Ross reacts on the fly, improvising his way through myriad quick-fire acceptance speeches in short but extremely impressive order. He goes to the usual well for most of them, but it’s nice to hear Christopher Walken accept an Oscar.

Oh, and Jimmy even gets in a token Matt Damon dig.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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