This ‘Walking Dead’ Star Is Back With More Excellent Impressions

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01.20.16 7 Comments

Last week, Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron on The Walking Dead, took the internet by storm with his “nano-impressions.” Instead of doing simple impersonations, he put the celebrities he was imitating in super-specific situations, like George Clooney trying to get a word in and Christian Bale attempting to decline a call but accidentally answering. They’re really good.

Vanity Fair released another video of Marquand doing what he does third best (first best: voicing a dog on Dog with a Blog; second best: acting; third best: this, definitely this). In this “dead-on” edition, he pretends to be Jon Hamm on Latin television, Sylvester Stallone checking to see if his deodorant is still working, and Ewan McGregor thinking smoking is cool. recently profiled Marquand, who was told he landed a part on The Walking Dead on his 33rd birthday. “Going from being a broke fan watching on my couch to actually being on it,” he said, “there’s nothing better than that.” I can think of one thing: Danny DeVito ordering a Big Mac without pickles.


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