Roy Wood Jr. Ridicules Trump’s Claim That ‘The Blacks Love Me’: ‘He Should Ask More Blacks’

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah correspondent Roy Wood Jr. stopped by the Late Show to chat with Daily Show alum Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night, who warmly greeted his guest by wishing him a one-day belated happy Black History Month. “It’s African American History Month,” Wood replied. “Some white dude told us what we should call it now,” he said, referring to Donald Trump’s recent proclamation.

Despite Trump’s recently feigned good will towards the black community, Wood Jr. went on to explain why the president can’t be trusted: “I’m very concerned because, as a minority, as a black person, when I look at what’s happening with this administration towards other minorities up until this point, it makes me nervous because I know we next.”

He continued, “You see what’s happening with Planned Parenthood and women and you see what’s happening with the Muslim ban and you see what’s happening with the gay and the trans community… Like, as a black person, you see all these other minorities getting disrespected, it’s like walking in the house and seeing your siblings getting a whoopin’, and you know you next.”

Colbert pointed out that Trump claims to have a very good relationship with the African American community, and in fact he was specifically quoted as saying, “the blacks love me.” Following a reaction shot to end all reaction shots, Wood. quipped, “Oh I know what he said… he should ask more blacks.”

The rest of the interview is likewise pretty great, as Wood later discussed the only time he was ever “afraid for his life” while out on assignment for The Daily Show, and why he recorded his recent Comedy Central standup special Father Figure as a special message to his newborn son.