‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ Gets The Gift Of A Long Overdue ‘Honest Trailer’

Thanks to Rankin-Bass Productions, the tale of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has been burned into the brains of anyone that’s encountered a TV since 1964. The stop motion offering has been borderline mandatory viewing since LBJ was in office, but has its “cherished holiday staple” status lent Rudolph a bit too much slack? Pipe down, elf dental workers!

The small screen special is the latest slice of entertainment to undergo a fun Honest Trailers revisitation and like previous entries, there’s some well-deserved ribbing and cheery complaints nestled within the tweaked trailer. As our helpful narrator points out off the hop, Rudolph is one reindeersh*t crazy-ass television special. The assorted hiccups attached to this bullying saga are sung as its own carol and it’s nice to have a collection of adults sing their issues with children’s programming from a half-century ago.

Every bleak detail about this glowing American holiday classic is placed on display with a number of reasonable questions attached. (These questions largely being: Who’s that character? Why is he licking that? Is Santa always pissed?) If you’ve secretly been holding on to your Rankin-Bass holiday rage, this Honest Trailer should prove cathartic. If not? Consider it a roast that’s been long overdue.

(Via Screen Junkies)