Rumor: NBC Has An Unusual Plan To Save ‘Constantine’

Whenever we bring up Constantine around here, even fans of the show seem to believe it’s already dead. It’s only getting thirteen episodes, NBC refuses to comment about renewing it, and so on and so forth. If the latest rumors are correct, though, NBC is actually working to save the show in a fairly unusual way.

A set of rumors, found by Screen Rant, indicate that NBC actually likes the show and its fanbase, but doesn’t believe a broadcast network is a good home for it. That would normally be a problem, except NBC is owned by the same company that owns the SyFy network. We think you can guess where this rumor is heading.

A network switch would allow a few things for the show. First of all, it’d lower the ratings expectations a bit; what’s an OK number for NBC on a Friday would become a pretty good number for SyFy regardless of where it lands on the schedule. Secondly, the series would be allowed to ditch the procedural elements that have been holding it up creatively a bit and go full-on dark urban fantasy. Supposedly, they’d even be allowed to switch to their original title, Hellblazer.

How likely is all of this? Fairly, actually. First of all, SyFy wants more original series, and they’re willing to let those series do their own thing; it’s hard to think of even an HBO-level network that would air a show like 12 Monkeys. Also, I’ve noted before when it comes to this show that NBC tends to be a surprisingly sticky network: If a show is good, and they get something out of it, they’re likely to keep it on the air. Shows like Community, Parks and Rec, and most relevantly Hannibal wouldn’t have made it to a first season finale on most networks. NBC, though, has kept them on the air, and I won’t be surprised if the same holds true of Constantine.