Rumor: One Of These Four Major ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Members Will Be Killed Off This Season

This rumor comes from the site I have no idea what the track record for the site is, so all of this could be pure bullsh*t, but I do know that they have had some intel from The Walking Dead that others have not had, so there may be something to it. For instance, [SPOILERS] floated the deductive possibility that the Governor may not be dead based on an image they had from an official AMC photo.

Look closely:

See, there’s a bullet hole in The Governor’s head, owed to being shot by Lilly in the mid-season finale. HOWEVER, that shot wasn’t actually in the episode. All viewers saw was Lilly pointing the gun at The Governor’s head and pulling the trigger. Viewers didn’t see actual proof of The Governor’s death, leaving open the possibility that The Governor may return should, say, David Morrissey’s pilot not to go air, or AMC decides later on that they need a big ratings stunt.

Anyway, that speculation was flamed by (and I had not previously seen that photo of The Governor), so adjust your expectations accordingly for their next rumor. They ran down five theories on the rest of season five, and the first four are fairly benign and/or obvious. For instance, they note that Rick’s group will be divided (obvious from where last season ended), that Carl will carry his own episode (suggested in a clip that aired on The Talking Dead), that there will be more Daryl Dixon (there would have to be, seeing as he was not used that much in the first half of season four) and that Carol will return (which has actually been confirmed). But here’s the last bit:

A Major Character Dies – Ok, predicting that someone else will die before Season 4 of The Walking Dead wraps up is pretty much like predicting the sun will rise in the morning. However, we’ve got a pretty good indication of which cast member will be dying, and let’s just say it will be a real shocker. If what we believe is correct, then one of the main cast members who has not been killed in the comic book series will die during Season 4.

I have no idea what their source is, but — again, Spoilers — one of the main cast members who has not been killed in the comic book series yet basically narrows it down to four people: Michonne, Maggie, Carl, and Rick.

Who among those is most likely to die? If Maggie or Michonne die, well, we riot (maybe not a full-blown Daryl Dies riot, but cars will be smashed, goal posts will be carried off the field). They can’t kill Rick because he’s the lead, and that just doesn’t make any sense, although I think most viewers would be OK with it. That pretty much leaves Carl, and if Carl is getting his own episode, so to speak, it makes even more sense, as dramas often like to give dying characters their big swan song episodes before their deaths (see, e.g., Hershel last season). Also, because AMC has a track record of listening to fan chatter in the past and killing off unpopular characters (Lori, Andrea). Carl certainly fits that bill.

So, there you have it: Carl will die in season four. Probably. Maybe. Perhaps. There’s definitely a chance.