RuPaul’s Life Will Be Immortalized In A New Television Series Produced By JJ Abrams

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RuPaul has been hosting RuPaul’s Drag Race for eight, going on nine, seasons, is a gay icon by all accounts, an incredibly talented drag performer, and theatrical artist. Now, his life is being turned into a television show being produced by JJ Abrams under the Bad Robot shingle and in partnership with Warner Bros TV and reality show production company World of Wonder. RuPaul will executive produce as well. The show will be a semi-biographical look at RuPaul’s life from his young adult years all the way through his time in New York City becoming the star that he is today.

The New York piece of his background is the crux of what inspired the story, which will definitely be “inspired” by his life rather than taking every event literally. Which makes sense, since this is television after all and television should be able to take the truth and run with it in certain situations. With RuPaul very much involved behind the scenes, fans shouldn’t be worried about the powers that be on the project taking too many controversial liberties or twisting his legacy. If anything, the creative team and inspiration behind this show seems like the perfect formula to tackle a show that provides a diverse point of view and representative stories on television. There’s no network specifically attached as of yet but the search will be on shortly for a proper home.

(via Deadline)