Rupert Murdoch Takes Pie to the Face

07.19.11 7 years ago 18 Comments

"Roight den, guv. Off to da clink wif yas."

The big news thing today is Rupert Murdoch’s hearing before British Parliament, where the billionaire media tycoon under fire for the News of the World wire-tapping scandal was hit in the face with a pie by a comedian who goes by the name Jonnie Marbles (pictured). Unfortunately, the video of the live feed was on someone else at the moment of the attack, but the camera angle DID switch in time to show Murdoch’s wife clock Marbles.

Video of the attack — plus more on Marbles’s politics, Twitter account, and personal life — below.

Marbles’s blog, Anarch*ish*, seems to be an mildly anarchist screed about British politics. I can’t be certain, because it’s written in British and therefore almost impossible to decipher. Everything’s all “loo” and “bobby” and “knackered” and “cancelled” with L’s.

Just before delivering the pie, Marbles tweeted “It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat” — not exactly an endorsement for a life well-lived. His ex-girlfriend, Elise Bramich, then hilariously live-tweeted her realization of what had happened.

The pie attack was followed with a camera angle that gave Murdoch horns:

And finally, here’s Marbles’s previously documented attempt at humor (via Uproxx):

It is… not good. Someone should let him know that British humor is supposed to be dry, not stale.

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