Russell Crowe And Leslie Jones Slam Tequila Shots In These New ‘SNL’ Promos

Russell Crowe is hosting SNL this week, so the show sent him and Leslie Jones to a bar to film some promos.

Oh, I’m sorry, do you need more information than that to convince you to click play? You do? Really? Well, that’s weird. I would have thought “Russell Crowe and Leslie Jones sitting together in a bar” would have been more than enough to get you to watch a 90-second YouTube clip. I bet there are movies that have been greenlit on less than that. I bet there are lots of movies that have been greenlit on less than that. I bet someone is trying to greenlight that right now. I’d at least watch on Netflix.

But anyway, what if… what if I told you they play a drinking game? And what if I told you Russell Crowe is really good at that drinking game? Did you click yet? What if I show you this tweet?

And the best part is that the drinking game promo isn’t even the best one. The best promo is the first one, in which Leslie Jones tells Russell Crowe a “joke” that causes him to spit out his Cosmo. I take back what I said earlier: Someone is definitely trying to greenlight this movie.