A Netflix Star Who’s Very Good At Dying Has Nabbed A Dangerous Role In ‘You’ Season 2


In Netflix’s Russian Doll, Charlie Barnett’s Alan was almost as good at dying as Natasha Lyonne’s Nadia. Death by elevator, death by air conditioner — you name it, he’s done it. And due to the overwhelming popularity of the series, Barnett’s enjoying an increased profile. This has allowed him to riff about Oatmeal the cat, but it’s also creating a more tangible benefit in the form of coveted roles. Who wouldn’t want to be one of Penn Badgley’s serial-killer victims in the next season of You? Actors without a sense of adventure, that’s who.

Because he’s so solid at biting it onscreen, Barnett has duly signed on to play an obstacle in Joe’s literal quest for love. That is to say, Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti) is the new object of Joe’s obsessions. Netflix has announced that Barnett will play Gabe, best friend to Love.

Yep, Gabe’s probably gonna go the way of Peach Salinger, who met a gruesome end when she dared to come between Joe and Beck’s happily ever after. The more hilarious aspect of that rivalry is that Peach was also obsessed with Beck, so one wonders if Gabe will follow the same template involving Love? Regardless of how this goes down, Barnett can handle this gig. After all, he’s done this dozens of times already.

Here’s everything else we know about what’s coming in You‘s second season. Fingers are still crossed on news about John Stamos’ stoner therapist making a grand (imprisoned) return.