'Rusty Nuts': A 'Pawn Stars' Spin-Off

09.24.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

History will be making a spin-off of its reality hit “Pawn Stars.” Ordinarily, I’d dismiss this outright, but the new show has a saving grace: it’s called “Rusty Nuts.”

The network has made a deal with Leftfield Pictures for “Rusty Nuts,” in which restoration expert Rick Dale brings trashed treasures back to life.

Dale owns Las Vegas-based Rick’s Restorations and is the go-to guy for the “Pawn Stars” team whenever the shop has an antique that needs improvement (such as a Coke machine, barber chair or 1937 gas pump).

Each episode of “Nuts” follows Dale, his staff and teenage son as they restore objects to their original, mint condition. [The Live Feed]

Can he restore History so it looks like the original History Channel? I miss all the Hitler programming. Those were the good old days. When History had Hitler programming, I mean. Not when Hitler killed six million Jews. Totally not cool, Hitler.

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