Ryan Gosling And Aidy Bryant Took A Break From ‘Wailing On Their Pecs’ To Promote This Week’s ‘SNL’

Breaker High heartthrob Ryan Gosling will make his SNL hosting debut this Friday Saturday and that means he’s popped up in some silly promos to promote the episode. He’s a team player, that Ryan.

Paired with cast member and all-around charmer Aidy Bryant, the two align comedy stylings to sell you on this weekend’s episode which features Leon Bridges serving as the musical guest. Clocking in at a lil’ bit over two minutes, these assorted snippets feature Ryan and Aidy having a fairly good time even if a cunning makeout request gets shut down fairly early on. There’s also talk about wailing on one’s pecs and a recreation of a scene from Titanic that ends in a fashion way grosser than we remember.

Saturday Night Live is closing out 2015 strong with their collection of 30 Rock bound guests. There’s the Gosling/Bridges combo on Saturday, the pairing of Chris Hemsworth and Chance the Rapper the week after, and the massive Tina Fey + Amy Poehler package hosting deal is slated for December 19 with Bruce Springsteen serving as the musical guest. If our scanning of Wikipedia is correct, the duo of Poehler and Fey ranks as the first two-host SNL offering since Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen hosted in 2004. Can these comedy legends live up to to the quality of an Olsen Twins SNL from the mid-’00s? Only time will tell… but yeah.