Ryan Gosling Ushers In ‘SNL’ Season 43 By Making Sure Everybody Knows That He Saved Jazz With Emma Stone

Entertainment Writer

Ryan Gosling kicked off the latest season of SNL by returning to his Oscar nominated role in La La Land and giving people a lesson how he rescued jazz from obscurity. Sure, he could’ve spent the entire monologue talking about Blade Runner 2049 and making jokes about Harrison Ford, but instead he decided to do everybody a service. Jazz isn’t just performance, it is a way of life and almost its own religion, at least that’s how I felt about it after listening to Gosling for a few minutes here.

Gosling noodles around on the piano, lights a cigarette, and sets the mood to send his message to the masses. Just make sure you keep the noise down, especially all of those wild jazz instruments. The man is taking his time to deliver his blessing to you, so it’s only right to not drown him out with your confusing music.

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