Chubby Young Ryan Seacrest Rocking Out To Bon Jovi Is The New ‘Star Wars Kid’

By now, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all well acquainted with Ryan Seacrest’s super dorky yearbook photo, back when he was just another chubby kid with glasses in the throes of unfortunate adolescence. In fact, Seacrest’s yearbook photo might even go down in history as one of the most famous geeky celebrity yearbook photos of all time.

Oh, but we haven’t even begun the crack the surface of Seacrest’s embarrassing past, because during an appearance on The Tonight Show on Thursday night — with the help of his sister Meredith — Jimmy Fallon unearthed an old video of the American Idol host rocking it out to Bon Jovi in an elaborately produced home video from the ’80s, complete with an over-sized denim jacket and Mongoose finger-less gloves. And it is MAGNIFICENT. This is the beginning of Ryan Seacrest Productions we’re witnessing here, people. This video belongs in a goddang museum. Quick — somebody call the Smithsonian!