Sacha Baron Cohen Reveals ‘Borat’s’ Deleted Adult Film Career On ‘Conan’

Sacha Baron Cohen brought back Ali G for a one-night appearance at the Oscars, so it’s only fitting that he dives back into one of his other memorable characters for another TV appearance. Borat gets a little spotlight during Cohen’s appearance on Conan, with the comedian revealing a hilarious deleted bit from the film involving a real adult film set.

If you remember the film, Borat has a naked fight with Azamat and then loses all of his cash. Borat needs work and naturally ends up at a porn set, which is what every down on their luck person who a western odyssey does at some point. The only problem seems to be that Borat doesn’t know that he is there join in on the sex in the scene.

Why it was cut from the film, who knows. It does make for a funny late night scene.

Elsewhere, Cohen takes to the street as himself and asks some random folks what they think about Sacha Baron Cohen. The results are funny because one old woman seems to honestly be disgusted by his mention and another guy refers to him as an MFer — though he doesn’t normally use that kind of language. Also Sacha Baron Cohen is apparently pretty evil, netting a 6.9 on the evil scale. That’s only 1 point behind Saddam Hussein and 3 behind Tiny Ween Hitler after you round up. And you always round up when it comes to being evil.