Saddam Hussein’s ‘Game of Thrones’-Like Novella Is Being Translated For English Publication

07.12.16 2 years ago


Yes, you read that title correctly. Independent U.K. publishing house Hesperus will release the first English translation of the late Iraqi dictator’s novella this December. The publisher describes the book, which will come out around the 10-year anniversary of Hussein’s execution, as “a mix between Game of Thrones and the U.K. House of Cards-style fiction.”

Hussein’s novella is the first work picked for a new Hesperus imprint which will focus on translated “Eastern” literature. A spokesperson for Hesperus told the Guardian, “We were concerned that some of the writers would not be comfortable to be associated with Hesperus once we published this book, but we’re politically neutral. We only publish what we find interesting.”

The novella has been previously published in other languages under the titles “Begone Devils” and “Get Out, You Damned One.” The government of Jordan banned the manuscript when it first appeared in 2005. Hesperus has not yet announced what the title of the English translation will be.

Hussein made headlines recently after Donald Trump praised him during a rally in North Carolina, saying, “Saddam Hussein understood and he killed terrorists.” House Majority Leader Paul Ryan quickly distanced himself from Trump’s comments by reassuring the press that “Saddam Hussein was a bad guy.”

(via Washington Post & The Guardian)

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