No One Loved Alexander Skarsgard’s ‘Big Little Lies’ SAG Awards Win More Than Jack McBrayer

No one loved Alexander Skarsgard’s win for Male actor in a TV movie or miniseries than Jack McBrayer. No one. There are new parents that beam less than the former 30 Rock actor at Skarsgard winning for his role in Big Little Lies. We guess they’re best friends now? Why is this even happening? Why is Jack McBrayer at the Big Little Lies table?!

Did Skarsgard bring him as his date? Will this remain a mystery forever? Should we maybe just shut up and enjoy McBrayer loving life as he applauds on his friends (including Nicole Kidman)? The internet is on the case.

Turns out, Skarsgard and McBrayer have a long history of Skarsgard looking stern but fair while McBrayer is overjoyed. They’ve been to awards shows together, and have traveled the world in order to raise awareness for climate change. Last year, Skarsgard jokingly denied McBrayer’s entry to the Emmy’s (where Skarsgard won an award that McBrayer was happy to pose with).

So now we know that these two have a long history together, which also means they need to be seated next to each other at all award shows until the end of time. We all deserve Jack McBrayer cheering on his friends.