Sam Jackson Reads Walter White’s Iconic ‘Breaking Bad’ Monologue, ‘I Am The One Who Knocks’

If you’ve not been keeping up, Sam Jackson is over on Reddit raising money for Alzheimer’s Disease, because Sam Jackson is a good dude, and because it’s personal to him: His aunt and mother suffered from the disease. He’s promised that if he reaches certain goals, that he’ll read user selected monologues. Last week, after he reached $100,000, he read this. This week, after reaching $155,000, users selected Walter White’s iconic ‘Breaking Bad’ monologue, and Sam Jackson chews the scenery off the doors.

To be honest, Jackson is great, but obviously, he’s no Bryan Cranston. NO ONE can do it the justice Cranston did, but it is fun watching Jackson deliver the monologue. Check it out.

If Jackson reaches $175,000, he’s promised to record voice mail messages for three people, and everyone who donates is entered into a contest for a trip to have lunch with Jackson and attend the June 15 Shooting Stars Benefit in the United Kingdom, proceeds which will benefit Alzheimers. To make a donation yourself, click here. Reddit has also suggested that Cranston read Jackson’s Ezekiel speech from Pulp Fiction, and dollars to donuts, Cranston takes the offer up.