Sam Rockwell Was In A Dancing Mood During His ‘SNL’ Monologue

Sam Rockwell is ready to take on his new life as a leading man and he’s using SNL as his springboard. Just a week after walking away with a Golden Globe for his role in Three Billboards, Rockwell is hosting the show and dancing his way around a monologue that will likely ruin his long-running career as a character actor. Then again, Rockwell has been leading man material for a few years now at least, it just that long for everybody to catch up.

Rockwell’s monologue is one of those fun bits that leaves the stage, doesn’t involve too much singing, and lets the host do what they do best with the cast backstage. All of the ladies from the show are dressed as elegant as possible but are also fresh off that recent HR meeting that changes the dynamics just a bit — except for Leslie Jones. There’s also some ninjas for some reason, which is not a complaint.

If anything, it is a fun opening that gets Rockwell dancing right off the bat and stuffs the front of the show with a lot of entertainment that could make up for any weaknesses down the line.

The end of Rockwell’s career as a character actor couldn’t be more spectacular. The only thing that could outdo it is when the career as a leading man eventually crashes and burns, sending him straight to DVD until Quentin Tarantino calls him.

(Via SNL)