Samantha Bee Can’t Wait For The Election To End Despite The ‘Buffet’ Of Jokes It Provides

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10.01.16 3 Comments

“Go get those bastards,” says a lot about the work that Samantha Bee has been putting out since she took Full Frontal out of the gates earlier this year. It’s also a bit of advice that Stephen Colbert and the folks at The Daily Show shared with each other, with Colbert writing it on a card as a gift for Bee when she started her own show. It’s paid off.

She stopped by The Late Show to talk with Colbert on Friday, reminding him of that gift and revealing that she’s desperate for this election to be over. Both hosts say it’s hard for anybody to say they’re enjoying this election, despite it being a “buffet of wonderful things to draw upon” for late night comedians. Bee was happy with the results of the debate, despite joking about uneasiness with the impending results of the entire election. The same can’t be said for the upcoming vice presidential debate, though I think I support the idea of a banjo duel between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine.

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